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Little Book on the Human Shadow, A

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Psychological projection is the subject of Robert Bly's book A Little Book on the Human Shadow.

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Robert Bly, renowned poet and author of the ground-breaking bestseller Iron John, mingles essay and verse to explore the Shadow - the dark side of the human personality - and the importance of confronting it.

"Bly has taken one of the most useful concepts for self-knowledge - Jung's shadow - and made it more clear, more poignant and more usable than anyone... Many books bare the writer's soul, but few like this which gently bare the reader's."      ~L.A. Weekly

"The ancient Chinese culture emphasizes the Yin-Yang symbol, which shows us the white part of the personality and the black part of the personality united inside a circle. I wrote this poem one spring day.

I    Oh, on an early morning I think I shall live forever! I am wrapped in my joyful flesh, As the grass is wrapped in its clouds of green.

II    Rising from a bed where I dreamt Of long rides past castles and hot coals, The sun lies happily on my knees: I have suffered and survived the night, Bathed in dark water, like any blade of grass.

III    The strong leaves of the box-elder tree, Plunging in the wind, call us to disappear Into the wilds of the universe, Where we shall sit at the foot of a plant, And live forever, like the dust.

One could speculate that because ancient Chinese poets, Buddhist and non-Buddhist, tried to reconcile the dark side and the light side, they preserved more feeling for plants and animals than we have preserved. Plants are asleep, and so they live always in the dark side, though their leaves reach out for the light. So we could say that each weed in our back yard unites dark and light as the rose window of Chartres does, and sitting by them is much cheaper than flying over to France."

Author Bly, Robert
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 96 pp.
Publisher HarperCollins 1988
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