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Astrologer's Handbook, The

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Expertly written by a pair of seasoned professionals, this is the gold standard when comparing other texts. Suitable for novices yet insightful for advanced metaphysicians, you'll find a dog-eared copy on any respectable astrologer's shelf.

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Precise, comprehensive and richly detailed, The Astrologer's Handbook moves far beyond the common Sun signs to the important planetary aspects: trines, squares, oppositions, conjunctions, and sextiles - discussing their impact on the human personality and exploring their subtle but firm influence on all our lives.

Although undertaken originally to meet the demands of professional astrologers, The Astrologer's Handbook is, happily, a book that serves every reader.

The authors, two respected innovators in the field, explain carefully all of the central concepts and provide easy-to-follow instructions for doing a complete interpretation - both general and specific - of any natal chart.

"The first book I tell my students to get for class is this one, and it is one of the first books I bought for my reference library in 1976. It is still the best organized book I have found for learning it all together. The authors have made it as clear and simple as it can be to delineate a chart. Get This book to begin your study and you will refer to it forever."    ~Janus Pages

Author Sakoian, Frances
Coauthor Acker, Louis
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 461 pp.
Publisher HarperCollins 1989
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