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Theory of Celestial Influence, The

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The author studied with Gurdjieff's collaborator, Ouspensky, and for the followers of those two thinkers this is the most important work next to their own writings.

Collin takes Ouspensky's theory of dimensions and develops it using familiar concepts. The idea that the world of each cosmos is a cross-section of a higher cosmos is demonstrated by the analogy of the length or third dimension of the human body as representing time or the fourth dimension for the cell. The solid of man is made up of the lifetimes of his cells, and the solids of men, animals and plants make up the solid of Nature - organic life, which become for the earth a thin film covering its body.

Each cosmos, from cell to galaxy, shares identical properties as in the proposition that the lives of each individual cosmos are the same length. Life, day and breath are definite cosmic divisions of individual time, and in its lifetime a cell breathes as many times as a man or a galaxy.

"...all rotating bodies in the universe create and are surrounded by a magnetic field. For their very rotation, as we saw just now, is an indication that they are sections of a line through which some tremendous current is passing in another dimension. We shall also understand that a planet's speed of movement along its orbit represents in a recognizable way the speed of flow of this great current.

For, as we saw earlier, this orbital speed is a direct effect of the intensity of sunlight available, that is, it is induced by the central energy of the sun. All the planets are thus individually surrounded by magnetic fields. The section of the wire round which the field of magnetic force rotates will be represented by the planet's equator, while the planet's north pole will represent the direction of movement of the planet in time, that is, the direction of the great current which informs it.

Thus the attraction of the north pole of a planet may be regarded as the attraction of the future, the attraction of the direction in which the planet with all its inhabitants is going; while the repelling effect of the south pole represents the repulsion from the past, the repulsion from the direction whence the planet with all its inhabitants has come. For all beings, the future is the positive pole of time and the past the negative. They can do nothing else but be drawn towards the one, and be repelled from the other.

Now these magnetic fields of the planets all overlap and interact, the combined effect of all producing constant minor changes in the individual field of each. In practice, only the magnetic field of the Earth has been studied in much detail, together with the effects upon it of the magnetic fields of the Sun and of the moon. It is known, for example, that the Sun's magnetic influence upon the Earth is about twelve times stronger than that of the moon - a field of 60,000 amps against one of 5000.

The magnetic influences of the planets have not yet been individually measured or distinguished, though the existence of such influence has been recognized scientifically in connection with the effect of differing planetary configurations on short-wave radio receptivity."       ~II THE SOLAR SYSTEM AS TRANSFORMER


Born on 1909.04.26, he was introduced to the Work in 1935 through some lectures given by Dr Maurice Nicoll. In 1936 he met P. D. Ouspensky and became his pupil in England and the United States until P. D. Ouspensky's death in 1947.

After finishing his work The Theory of Celestial Influence - Man, The Universe, and Cosmic Mystery in the spring of 1948 at his flat in St. James's Street in London, he then emigrated to Mexico in June 1948 where he carried on the study and practice of the Work ideas in Mexico City and Tlalpam.

Author Collin, Rodney
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 392 pp.
Publisher Penguin Books 1993
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