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Farther Reaches of Human Nature, The

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Abraham H. Maslow was one of the foremost spokespersons of humanistic psychology.

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In The Farther Reaches of Human Nature, an extension of his classic Toward a Psychology of Being, Maslow explores the complexities of human nature by using both the empirical methods of science and the aesthetics of philosophical inquiry. With essays on biology, synergy, creativity, cognition, self-actualization and the hierarchy of needs, this posthumous work is a wide-ranging synthesis of Maslow's inspiring and influential ideas.


"The most influential part of Maslow's theory was his model of the hierarchy of needs, which includes the full range of human motivations. His most important concept was self-actualization, the highest level of human need. Maslow also investigated peak experiences, special moments in each individual's life. He distinguished between two basic kinds of psychology, deficiency psychology and being psychology, and pioneered in the development of the latter.

Maslow was also deeply interested in the social implications of his theory, especially with eupsychia, his term for a Utopian society, and synergy, or cooperation within a society."      ~ITP

"It is now quite clear that the actualization of the highest human potentials is possible - on a mass basis - only under 'good conditions'. Or more directly, good human beings will generally need a good society in which to grow."

Author Maslow, A. H.
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 407 pp.
Publisher Penguin Compass 1993
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