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Buddhist Scriptures

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A superb anthology, personally selected and translated by Buddhist scholar Conze. One of the finest introductions possible to Buddhism.

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Each of Buddhism's numerous traditional schools has its own set of Scriptures. In making the selections for this volume, Dr. Conze concentrated on texts which reflect the essence of Buddhist teachings, on that which is common rather than that which separates. There is very little in this collection that any Buddhist - of any school - would be prepared to reject.

Recorded between AD 100 and 400, the writings here include passages from the Dharmapada, the Buddhacarita, the Questions of King Milinda and the Tibetan Book of the Dead, all translated to preserve as much of the flavor of the original as possible.


"Dr. Conze was one of the great Buddhist translators, comparable with the indefatigable Chinese translators Kumarajiva and Hsuan-tsang. He was a forerunner of a whole new breed of Western scholars in Buddhism who are actually practicing Buddhists."    ~Sangharakshita, FWBO

"And how does faith leap forward?

When the Yogin sees that the hearts of others have been set free, he leaps forward, by way of aspiration, to the various Fruits of a holy life, and he makes efforts to attain the yet unattained, to find the yet unfound, to realize the yet unrealized.

Give me an illustration!  

Suppose that a great cloud were to burst over a hill-slope. The water then would flow down the slope, would first fill all the hill's clefts, fissures, and gullies, and would then run into the river below, making its banks overflow on both sides. Now suppose further that a great crowd of people had come along, and unable to size up either the width or the depth of the river, should stand frightened and hesitating on the bank. But then some man would come along, who, conscious of his own strength and power, would firmly tie on his loin-cloth and jump across the river. And the great crowd of people, seeing him on the other side, would cross likewise.

Even so the Yogin, when he has seen that the hearts of others have been set free, leaps forward, by aspiration, to the various Fruits of the holy life, and he makes efforts to attain the yet unattained, to find the yet unfound, to realize the yet unrealized."       ~The Questions Of King Milinda


Born in 1904 London, Edward Conze was educated at German universities, developing a command of fourteen languages, including Sanskrit, by the age of 24. Strongly opposed to the rise of Nazi ideology, he returned to England where he discovered Buddhism in his 35th year, devoting the rest of his life to it.

Over the next twenty years, Dr. Edward Conze translated over thirty texts comprising the Prajnaparamita Sutras, the fundamental scriptures of the Mahayana, including two of the most well known of all Buddhist texts, the Diamond Sutra and the Heart Sutra.

Editor Conze, Edward
Author Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 250 pp.
Publisher Penguin Books 1999
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