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Rapunzel (O)

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The story of Rapunzel begins with a couple who, after many years together, find that they are expecting a child.

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Publisher's Synopsis
But the wife is plagued by a craving for rapunzel, an herb that grows in the walled garden of the sorceress next door. To save his wife's life, the husband steals rapunzel from this garden, only to be caught in the act by the angry sorceress.

In return for sparing his life (and the rapunzel he holds), she demands that the husband promise her the newborn child, whom she will name Rapunzel. There follows the well-known story of a long-haired girl kept in an inaccessible tower, and a prince who finds her and wins her heart.

Winner of the 1998 Caldecott Medal.

"Simply put, this is a gorgeous book; it demonstrates respect for the traditions of painting and the fairy tale while at the same time adhering to a singular, wholly original, artistic vision."      ~The Horn Book

Author Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm
Illustrator Zelinsky, Paul O.
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 48 pp.
Publisher Puffin Books 2002
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