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Rune Play

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Since 1983 nearly a million people have turned to the runes for guidance and self-counseling.

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Working alongside The Book of Runes and The Book of RuneCards, Rune Play is an essential part of any rune lover's library, lending spiritual and emotional support and understanding to an ever-expanding audience. Now available in paperback, Rune Play is a twelve-month rune-casting journal for recording the counsel of the runes on a day-by-day basis, thereby helping people to identify patterns and issues that recur in their lives. Contained in the book are twelve rune-working techniques to assist individuals and groups to work creatively with problems met in private business life, including:
  • Runes of Well-Being
  • Healing Runes
  • Night Runes
  • Runes for the Bereaved
  • A Destiny Profile

"Although the answers to our problems are to be found within ourselves, the runes are a necessary intermediary."     ~Chicago Tribune

Ralph Blum, a Fullbright scholar and Harvard graduate, has adapted runes for oracular purposes.

Author Blum, Ralph
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 202 pp.
Publisher St. Martin's Press 1985
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