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Seven Arrows

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A heartbreaking story of victory, defeat, and of a spiritual search in a profane world, this is the story of Night Bear and his people.

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It is the tale of the land they cherish and the lives they hold sacred, lived until the enemy can no longer be stopped, and the dead have few left to weep for them.

"Storm shows that the real battle was not of arms, but of two cultures. The Indian way of life, the Sun Dance Way, was orientated toward the spirit, which he saw as being not only within himself but also as being the real essence of everything. The Indian culture collapsed from within because it could not weather the impact of the white man's fundamental orientation toward the material side of existence. The white man's ingenuity in this realm gave him possessions and physical powers which astonished the Indians. Their own material accomplishments seemed puny by comparison. As a result, far too many turned away from the spiritual orientation that was their heritage, adopting instead the materialistic outlook of the white conquerors. Consequently, they began to view the white man as a foreign invader of their lands rather than as a part of themselves. As such, he became a mirror for their own fears and misunderstandings, even as the red man had long before become such for the white man. And so the two nations could not find it in their hearts to be brother peoples.

Yet Seven Arrows does not end with a disaster, but with hope. For the last story, set in the present day, shows that the same ancient wisdom teachings, which are reflected in the Sun Dance Way - the American Indian conception of the soul's eternal odyssey - are also buried deeply but securely within the foundation of our own racial thought and spirit. So deeply, in fact, that we find them even in the fairy tales we learned as children. The message is clear. It is time to wake up, time to cherish and heed the wondrous song of growth these children within ourselves bring us."       ~Sunrise magazine, December 1973

"The Stories are about both animals and people. You will find Stories about Mice, Wolves, Raccoons, Otters and Buffalo. These Stories are almost entirely allegorical in form, and everything in them should be read symbolically. Every story can be symbolically unfolded for you through your own Medicines, Reflections and Seekings. As you do this, you will learn to See through the eyes of your Brothers and Sisters, and to share their Perceptions."

Author Storm, Hyemeyohsts
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 384 pp.
Publisher Ballantine Books 1985
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