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Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths

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Ex-believer Armstrong, today's most fashionably skeptical scholar, continues her secular sweeping of history.

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The fascinating story of Jerusalem from its earliest beginnings during the third millennium BC to the present-day, explaining why Jerusalem is still a vibrant, sometimes violent political issue in the Middle East.


"Karen Armstrong, British author of the best-selling A History of God, delineates how, quite literally, the stones of Jerusalem came to embody the deepest faith and identity of the three religions of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity, Islam. In so doing, even in a determinedly nonpolemical book, she arrives at some suggestive ideas about who should rule Jerusalem today...

In the end, Armstrong suggests, the monotheistic religions have to understand that Jerusalem was and is legitimately sacred to others. Its long and mutable history shows that sovereignty by itself is less important than how well the possessors live up to their faith's ideals of peace, harmony, tolerance and charity."     ~Time

"A weighty but not evenly weighted study of monotheism's sacred geography and the inglorious history of Jerusalem's turf wars."      ~Kirkus Reviews

Author Armstrong, Karen
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 472 pp.
Publisher Ballantine Books 1997
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