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Interpretation of Dreams, The

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This ground-breaking work, which Freud considered his most valuable, forever changed the way we think about our dreams.

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In this definitive translation by James Strachey, Freud's timeless exploration of the dream world is clearly and precisely rendered.


"Beautiful literature, but mostly bad theory and methodology. Dreams serve to discharge pent-up energy associated with unsatisfied infantile wishes... Freud's interpretations are stunning: a woman's dream about going to Italy (gen Italien - to Italy) reflects a hidden wish concerning genitals (Genitalien).

Many of his observations about dreams (not their interpretation) are insightful. If viewed as a historical work, perhaps metaphorically, The Interpretation of Dreams can be enjoyable and thought-provoking. But those looking for a scientific explanation of dreaming had best look elsewhere. Even those seeking to use dream interpretation as a clinical tool deserve a more useful model, one more consonant with modern scientific theory. A hundred years after Freud, we seem to be back where he started."        ~New England Journal of Medicine


"What animals dream of I do not know. A proverb, for which I am indebted to one of my pupils, professes to tell us, for it asks the question: 'What does the goose dream of?' and answers: 'Of maize.' The whole theory that the dream is the fulfilment of a wish is contained in these two sentences."

Author Freud, Sigmund
Translator Strachey, James
Book Type Mass Market Paperback
Page Count 736 pp.
Publisher Avon Books 1965
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