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Practice of the Presence of God, The

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Brother Lawrence, a seventeenth-century French monk, learned to practice the presence of God at all times. And you can, too.

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A classic in Christian literature, this reissue of the 1977 translation includes 4 "Conversations with Brother Lawrence," 16 "Letters from Brother Lawrence ...," "Spiritual Maxims," and a foreword by Henri Nouwen. Also included is an in-depth introduction by John Delaney that examines what is known about Lawrence's life, how the book came to be, and its ongoing relevance throughout the ages.


"The 17th century [French] monk, Brother Lawrence, developed a technique - mostly through inspiration and intuition - which leads to results akin to those developed by the continued practice of either Zen or mindfulness meditation."      ~Lighthouse Trails Publishing


"I worshipped Him the oftenest that I could, keeping my mind in His holy Presence, and recalling it as often as I found it wandered from Him. I found no small pain in this exercise, and yet I continued it, notwithstanding all the difficulties that occurred, without troubling or disquieting myself when my mind had wandered involuntarily.

I made this my business, as much all the day long as at the appointed times of prayer; for at all times, every hour, every minute, even in the height of my business, I drove away from my mind everything that was capable of interrupting my thought of GOD. Such has been my common practice ever since I entered into religion."       ~First Letter

"That many do not advance in the Christian progress, because they stick in penances, and particular exercises, while they neglect the love of GOD, which is the end. That this appeared plainly by their works, and was the reason why we see so little solid virtue. That there needed neither art nor science for going to GOD, but only a heart resolutely determined to apply itself to nothing but Him, or for His sake, and to love Him only."      ~Third Conversation

Author Lawrence, Brother
Translator Delaney, John J.
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 100 pp.
Publisher Image Books 1977
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