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Astrological Aspects

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Aspects are the mathematical relationships between planets in an individual's astrological chart. They are key factors in the study of astrology, for it is the interpretation of the relationship of one planet to another that explains human behavior.

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We may think of each planet as representing the quality of energy that directly relates to a dimension of our internal makeup. Each planet has an energy to other planets that signify positive or negative movement or stasis.

Faster moving planets describe energy that is lighter or has less long-range effects - mundane everyday matters. Slower moving planets describe a quality that is deeper, more internal - the perspective of life and the scope of one's concerns. In this book, Avery stresses the aspects that represent situations that need to be resolved and thereby produce growth.


"In this book, we are aiming for growth and the diploma; therefore, we will deal only with conjunctions and hard aspects. These stronger dialogues seem to indicate situations that simply must be resolved. It appears that we grow through pain..."

Author Avery, Jeanne
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 382 pp.
Publisher American Federation of Astrologers 1995
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