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Hans Christian Andersen: The Complete Fairy Tales and Stories

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This is the only version available in trade paperback that presents the 156 fairy tales exactly as Andersen collected them in the original 1874 Danish edition.

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Publisher's Synopsis
Haugaard is a bilingual Danish author. His education took place in both Denmark and the United States. In order to ensure accuracy, Haugaard chose to follow the text and order of the stories as they were in the 1874 Danish edition, which Hans Christian Andersen edited. A thoughtful foreword by Virginia Haviland of the Library of Congress and Andersen's own Notes for My Fairy Tales and Stories provide insights as to the inspiration for some of the tales.

"The best English edition of Andersen in three decades. Haugaard is the perfect translator for an American audience. He faithfully renders the tales into an idiomatic English that makes them as fresh and lively as they must have been to the Danes who first heard them."             ~Psychology Today

"In the most secret chamber of the castle lay the greatest treasure on earth—the Book of Truth. The wise man had read it through page after page. Every man may read in this book, but only in fragments. To many eyes the characters seem so mixed in confusion that the words cannot be distinguished. On certain pages the writing often appears so pale or so blurred that the page becomes a blank. The wiser a man becomes, the more he will read, and those who are wisest read most.

The wise man knew how to unite the sunlight and the moonlight with the light of reason and the hidden powers of nature; and through this stronger light, many things in the pages were made clear to him. But in the portion of the book entitled 'Life after Death' not a single point could he see distinctly. This pained him. Should he never be able here on earth to obtain a light by which everything written in the Book of Truth should become clear to him? Like the wise King Solomon, he understood the language of animals, and could interpret their talk into song; but that made him none the wiser. He found out the nature of plants and metals, and their power in curing diseases and arresting death, but none to destroy death itself.

In all created things within his reach he sought the light that should shine upon the certainty of an eternal life, but he found it not. The Book of Truth lay open before him, but, its pages were to him as blank paper. Christianity placed before him in the Bible a promise of eternal life, but he wanted to read it in his book, in which nothing on the subject appeared to be written."          ~The Philosopher’s Stone

Author Andersen, Hans Christian
Translator Haugaard, Erik Christian
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 1101 pp.
Publisher Anchor Books 1983
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