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Far Journeys

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Robert Monroe's long-awaited sequel to his best-selling classic on astral traveling, Journeys Out of the Body.

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Publisher's Synopsis

Journeys Out of the Body introduced readers to his remarkable excursions out-of-body and into outer consciousness. Now, after more than a decade of in-depth research, Monroe presents a mesmerizing odyssey that takes you even farther beyond the known dimensions of the physical universe.

With great insight and wit, Monroe offers new awareness into the untapped resources and limitless possibilities of the human mind.


"What we have here is undoubtedly a seminal work in a field of vast though still largely unrecognized importance."       ~Metapsychology

"We were out in space somewhere between the earth and the moon, indeterminate distance, fifty thousand miles plus from the surface of earth. It was very clear and detailed, not as it was before. I turned to look at the moon and blanked. No more than a thousand feet away, or so it seemed, was an immense, solid-appearing object gray in color, long and slender, conical-shaped with a hemispheric dome at the widest end—the other end was somewhere in the distance, at least several miles. It appeared motionless, but I had the definite percept of M Band radiation from it. A spaceship, a physical spaceship? (In your terms, that is correct. It is not a human construct. There are many of such around the physical earth at this point. Their origins are of your physical universe but not necessarily of your time reference.) 'Many' could be five or five thousand. There was no point in trying to find out. But why around our earth, was it ... (They are focused on the planet earth and humans just as you observed the others, and for the same purpose. Shall we move on? The answer will come soon.) My curiosity accepted gladly."

Author Monroe, Robert
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 304 pp.
Publisher Doubleday 1985
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