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Edgar Cayce's Story of Jesus

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The great psychic filled some gaping holes in the biography of Jesus, and left the world with a legacy of Truth that cuts through the mythology.

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We owe Mr. Furst a debt of gratitude for the daunting task of culling information catalogued in nearly 15,000 readings on the personality of Jesus the Christ, transcribed directly from the Akasha by the sleeping prophet. And every true believer owes a debt of thanks to Mr. Cayce for his courageousness in presenting the shocking truth to an ignorant world.

Cayce reveals a unique human being that conquered the ephemeral world in merely 30 remarkable reincarnations.

"The appeal of Mr. Furst's book lies in the fact that he quotes at great length from the Cayce readings, and this should please the people who have been tantalized by brief quotations in other, earlier books."     ~Nashville Tennessean

"Given an extremely liberal interpretation, Edgar Cayce's version (vision?) of the story of Jesus parallels much of the Bible. This consists of excerpts from the countless life readings the sleeping prophet dreamed up and even the most skeptical will have to give some credit to the marvelous tapestry of events and characters presented. But they will be stunned to discover that Mary was one of twelve maidens selected by the Essene sect to serve as the virginal vessel for the forthcoming 'entity.' The 'entity' known as Jesus Christ, had, according to Cayce, gone through a number of previous incarnations appearing as Adam, Enoch, Joseph, to name a few, and he had also completed a cycle of perfection involving not only earthly lives but planetary lives (Mr. Cayce's universal view couples religious and astrological aspects)."       ~Kirkus Review


"Here, after the period again of presentation at the temple, when there were those questionings among the groups of the leaders, the entity then was sent first - again - into Egypt for only a short period, and then into India, and then into what is now Persia. Hence in all the ways of the teachers the entity was trained. 

From Persia he was called to Judea at the death of Joseph, and then into Egypt for the completion of the preparation as a teacher. He was with John, the messenger, during the portion of the training there in Egypt. Then to Capernaum, Cana, and those periods of the first preparation in the land of the nativity. 

The rest ye have according to Mark, John, Matthew and Luke; these in their order record most of the material experiences of the Master."   (5749-7)

"As given, for a thousand years he will walk and talk with men of every clime. Then in groups, in masses, and then they shall reign of the first resurrection for a thousand years; for this will be when the changes materially come."     (364-8)

Editor Furst, Jeffrey
Author Cayce, Edgar
Book Type Mass Market Paperback
Page Count 397 pp.
Publisher Berkley Books 1976
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Platinum Medal


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