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Serpent and the Rainbow, The

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Reveals the true Haitian people and their religion as a bona fide means of protection against the whites and their slavery practices.

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This classic work of anthropological narrative nonfiction, written in 1985, follows Harvard ethnobotanist Wade Davis to Haiti on a mission to discover the drug compounds at the root of zombie-making voodoo practices. Davis learns how such magical potions are made by bribing and befriending a local houngan (priest of voodoo, or "Voudon" as it's referred to in this book) and the chemicals he finds end up proving to be of value to the field of anesthesiology.

He dispels Western preconceptions and fears about the nature of zombies and voodoo ceremonies, as over the course of the story he comes to realize that the fate of slavery beyond death is administered to law breakers as a part of a complex localized judicial system. This is an exciting blend of botanical treatise, travelogue, and blood-soaked Haitian history lesson. It also provides an intriguing glimpse inside a very complex and strange culture.

"Exotic and far-reaching... a corker of a read, just the way Indiana Jones would tell it."      ~Wall Street Journal

"Zombis do come back from the dead, and Wade Davis knows how."     ~Washington Post

"If faith can heal, fear can kill."

Author Davis, Wade
Book Type Mass Market Paperback
Page Count 304 pp.
Publisher Warner Books 1987
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