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Planets and Possibilities

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In Planets and Possibilities, astrologer Susan Miller shows you how astrology can help you envision new possibilities for your future, ones you may never have considered.

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You'll learn about the myths the Greeks and Romans attached to the twelve zodiac signs to explain their characteristics. As you read these stories, Susan Miller shows you how their interpretations can help you fully understand your sign - and perhaps see yourself in a whole new way!

She also shows you how every Sun sign has a guardian planet that strongly influences the personality of each person born under that sign. For example, Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of prosperity and good fortune, and contributes to the happy-go-lucky Sagittarian approach to life. What will your ruling planet say about you?


"One of the best astrology books to appear recently, this work is exceptional in its in-depth character analysis of each sign. The cosmic gifts, relationship trends, financial tendencies, and career tendencies associated with each sign are all described in detail. The mythology of each sign is included as well, nicely rounding out the book.

While most astrology books concentrate on the strengths of the various signs, this book also delves into their negative aspects so that one can really see how to use the information in very practical terms. It's great for helping to deal with people who don't share the same outlook on life as you do. Highly recommended."          ~Library Journal

Author Miller, Susan
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 422 pp.
Publisher Warner Books 2001
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