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Lost Years of Jesus Revealed, The (Revised Edition)

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A surprisingly well researched work from 1958 that delves into the mystery of the missing Book of Enoch, showing why it was deliberately left out of Jerome's A.D. 405 Vulgate Bible, the new standard of Christendom.

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The amazing and dramatic scrolls of the great Essene library found in cave after cave near the Dead Sea have given us the answer at last.

That during those "lost years" Jesus was a student at this Essene school is becoming increasingly apparent. Scholars are gradually admitting the startling parallels between his doctrines and vocabulary and those of the Essenes and their "Teacher of Righteousness", who was evidently executed nearly a century before the birth of Jesus. It is to his title and authority that Jesus probably succeeded.

Author Potter, Charles Francis
Book Type Mass Market Paperback
Page Count 160 pp.
Publisher Ballantine Books 1982
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