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Strangers Among Us

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Trusted and beloved Ruth Montgomery now tells us we should give up our bodies to benevolent Aliens, who'll make better use of them.

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Publisher's Synopsis

"They (Walk-Ins) are high-minded entities permitted to take over the bodies of human beings who wish to depart this life."

Montgomery claims that renowned leaders such as Ghandi, Lincoln and Benjamin Franklin were Walk-Ins, as are tens of thousands of non-famous people working quietly to lead us into a New Age.

Can a respectable psychic unknowingly tap into a demonic source? Here the late Montgomery coined the word "Walk-In", which soon became a buzzword for the New Age crowd. But this strange book and its sequels seemed to have little in common with Montgomery's original "Guides" and Arthur Ford.

Author Montgomery, Ruth
Book Type Mass Market Paperback
Page Count 256 pp.
Publisher Ballantine Books 1991
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