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Teachings of the Compassionate Buddha, The

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Burtt's updated 1955 classic anthology should wet the appetite of every student on the path to higher learning.

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Delves into fundamental differences between Theravada and Mahayana schools of Buddhism.

With its origins in ancient India, Buddhism is a system of thought that has enriched the religious lives of billions - and in more recent times, swept through the Western world as well. Now anyone who wants to learn more about Buddhism can go directly to the source, with this collection of original documents - edited, with commentary, by a Cornell University professor of philosophy.


"I bring you great and good news. There is a way from the crushing miseries of the transitory life to real happiness, and it is open to all. But the way is hard, and there is no magical method of making it easy. It means strenuous and constant self-examination; it means renouncing all that you foolishly prize now - your present self, in fact, with all the ignorant cravings and blind urges that make it what it is. No one can tread this path for you, neither god nor man; you must tread it for yourself. So begin now.

Be alert, and steadfastly alert. Make the most sustained effort of which you are capable. Let nothing entice you to dally by the wayside - neither self-indulgence, nor the mistaken urge to self-punishment, nor vain metaphysical curiousity, nor the desire for companionship with those not yet ready to enter upon the path. Face uncompromisingly toward the goal. And victory over self - the greatest of all victories, and the key to peace and joy in this life and beyond - will be won."

Editor Burtt, E. A.
Author Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama
Commentary Burtt, E. A.
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 225 pp.
Publisher Penguin Books 2000
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