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Codex Borgia, The (O)

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Magnificent restoration of the Vatican Library original.

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A fundamental tool of ritual prognostication and divination throughout ancient Mesoamerica was the 260-day (13 numbers X 20 day signs) ritual calendar, known to the Aztecs as the Book of Days.


"Codex Borgia is preserved in the Apostolic library at the Vatican in Rome, Italy. It was constructed of animal hide and covered with a white plaster-like foundation upon which the figures were painted. It was folded so that it could either be stored compactly or opened to reveal all of the pages of one side.

Codex Borgia features a page by page portrayal of the various divisions of the sacred 260 day calendar or tonalpohualli (toe-nall-po-wha-lee). Pages 61-70 illustrates the division of the calendar into trecenas, twenty 'months' of thirteen days. A different god presides over each trecena. Diviners used the calendar to foretell the future of children born under each of the 260 day signs."    ~Princeton University

Author Diaz, Gisele
Coauthor Rodgers, Alan
Book Type Oversized Paperback
Page Count 77 pp.
Publisher Dover Publications 1993
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