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Augustine of Hippo: A Biography (New Epilogue)

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This classic biography was first published thirty years ago and has since established itself as the standard account of Saint Augustine's life and teaching.

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The remarkable discovery recently of a considerable number of letters and sermons by Augustine has thrown fresh light on the first and last decades of his experience as a bishop.

These circumstantial texts have led Peter Brown to reconsider some of his judgments on Augustine, both as the author of the Confessions and as the elderly bishop preaching and writing in the last years of Roman rule in north Africa.

Brown's reflections on the significance of these exciting new documents are contained in two chapters of a substantial Epilogue to his biography (the text of which is unaltered). He also reviews the changes in scholarship about Augustine since the 1960s. A personal as well as a scholarly fascination infuse the book-length epilogue and notes that Brown has added to his acclaimed portrait of the bishop of Hippo.


"A great biography of the greatest father of the church, and an introduction to the intellectual world of late antiquity. A deeply engrossing work of scholarship, recently reissued."      ~Washington Post Book World

"A portrait in depth of the man, and a brilliant study of the period."       ~NY Times

"For the young Augustine, the traditional life will be only a veneer. At the height of his career as a professor of classical rhetoric, part of him at least, will listen to the teachings of Mani, a Persian visionary. His life will be changed by reading the works of Plotinus: a philosopher '(who) seemed ashamed of being in the body'. A great pagan senator, Praetextatus, will speak of his traditional Roman titles as 'bankrupt', of his mystical initiations as 'true blessedness'.

Ambrose, sent to Milan as a Roman governor, will be ordained there as its Catholic bishop. Another nobleman, Paulinus, will suddenly disappear from the sheltered life of Aquitaine, to become a monk, leaving his friend, the old professor, Ausonius, puzzled. These incidents are omens for Augustine's future; he will be a traditional schoolmaster for eleven years of his life; a monk and a bishop for the remaining forty-four."

Author Brown, Peter
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 548 pp.
Publisher University of California Press 2000
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