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Living Goddesses, The

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The Living Goddesses crowns a lifetime of innovative, influential work by one of the twentieth-century's most remarkable scholars.

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Marija Gimbutas wrote and taught with rare clarity in her original - and originally shocking - interpretation of prehistoric European civilization. Gimbutas flew in the face of contemporary archaeology when she reconstructed goddess-centered cultures that predated historic patriarchal cultures by many thousands of years.

This volume, which was close to completion at the time of her death, contains the distillation of her studies, combined with new discoveries, insights and analysis. Editor Miriam Robbins Dexter has added introductory and concluding remarks, summaries and annotations. The first part of the book is an accessible, beautifully illustrated summation of all Gimbutas's earlier work on "Old European" religion, together with her ideas on the roles of males and females in ancient matrilineal cultures. The second part of the book brings her knowledge to bear on what we know of the goddesses today - those who, in many places and in many forms, live on.

"Gimbutas, a much-praised and consistently controversial archaeologist and scholar of religion, startled academia with her assertion of the realities of goddess-focused religion in preliterate Europe. This book, ably completed after Gimbutas's death by Dexter, was intended by her to be a popular treatment of her themes but also draws upon later findings. Wide-ranging and fascinating, The Living Goddesses should intrigue the curious and delight most feminist scholars. Highly recommended."        ~Library Journal

Editor Dexter, Miriam Robbins
Author Gimbutas, Marija
Coauthor Dexter, Miriam Robbins
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 286 pp.
Publisher University of California Press 2001
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