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Wisdom of Menopause, The

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Dr. Northrup explains why the second half of your life is designed to provide you with more pleasure, prosperity, and fulfillment than you have ever dreamed possible!

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This vitally important book examines the connection between menopause and a woman’s emotional and spiritual life. It stresses how the choices a woman makes at midlife—from the quality of her relationships to the quality of her diet—either secure her health and well-being for the rest of her life, or put her future at risk.

Dr. Northrup draws on her own life-changing experiences as well as on many intimate case histories to explore the transformative power of these years. Readers will learn:

  • How menopause literally rewires the brain, triggering a shift of priorities from nesting and caretaking to personal growth and equality.
  • How to listen for the wake-up calls inherent in women’s cyclic nature, from PMS to SAD to menopausal symptoms.
  • How the body adjusts naturally to changing hormones, and how to make personalized decisions about HRT and alternatives.
  • How to rebalance metabolism shifts and prevent middle-age spread.
  • How to deal with the myths and realities of sexual changes and appearance issues.
  • How to achieve life-long cardiovascular health, as well as what the real indicators of cardiovascular disease are.
  • How to prevent long-term health problems such as hormone-related cancers and memory loss.
  • How to live with passion, joy, and vibrant health before, during, and well past menopause.

"While most male physicians seem hesitant even to use the word 'healing,' many women doctors - epitomized by Dr. Christiane Northrup - are demonstrating what genuine healing has always been about: the integration of the physical and the spiritual, psyche and soma, into a harmonious whole. This book demonstrates the reemergence of the feminine in healing, a force that has kept the inner pulse of healing beating for centuries. If you can't have Dr. Northrup for your doctor, read her book."       ~Larry Dossey, M.D., Healing Words

"Northrup writes from experience and, more important, from her professional expertise as a physician who has treated many women and researched menopause. The specific medical advice on sleep, diet, breast health and the empowerment motif will bring insight, comfort and confidence to women embarked on the change."        ~Publishers Weekly


"Every marriage, even a very good one, must undergo change in order to keep up with the hormone-driven rewiring of a woman's brain during the years leading up to and including menopause. Not all marriages are able to survive these changes. Mine wasn't, and nobody was more surprised about that than I. If this makes you want to hide your head in the sand, believe me, I do understand.

But for the sake of being true to yourself and protecting your emotional and physical health in the second half of your life—likely a full forty years or more—then I submit to you that forging ahead and taking a good hard look at all aspects of your relationship (including some previously untouchable corners of your marriage) may be the only choice that will work in your best interest in the long run, physically, emotionally, and spiritually."


A board-certified OB/GYN physician who graduated from Dartmouth Medical School and did her residency at Tufts New England Medical Center, Dr. Northrup was also an assistant clinical professor of OB/GYN at Maine Medical Center for 20 years.

Author Northrup M.D., Christiane
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 591 pp.
Publisher Bantam Books 2003
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