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Woman in the Shaman's Body, The

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A distinguished anthropologist–who is also an initiated shaman–reveals the long-hidden female roots of the world’s oldest form of religion and medicine.

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Here is a fascinating expedition into this ancient tradition, from its prehistoric beginnings to the work of women shamans across the globe today. Shamanism was not only humankind’s first spiritual and healing practice, it was originally the domain of women. This is the claim of Barbara Tedlock’s provocative and myth-shattering book.

Reinterpreting generations of scholarship, Tedlock – herself an expert in dreamwork, divination, and healing – explains how and why the role of women in shamanism was misinterpreted and suppressed, and offers a dazzling array of evidence, from prehistoric African rock art to modern Mongolian ceremonies, for women’s shamanic powers.

Tedlock combines firsthand accounts of her own training among the Maya of Guatemala with the rich record of women warriors and hunters, spiritual guides, and prophets from many cultures and times.

"Barbara Tedlock did a brilliant job of weaving together her own story of shamanic initiation along with an incredible depth of research. She shatters current myths about shamanism and shows how women were the originators and key practitioners of shamanic healing and divination. In a time where we see so many women engaging in shamanic practice Tedlock offers valuable insight into the long-standing role of women in this ancient path. I truly loved reading this book!"     ~Sandra Ingerman, Soul Retrieval

Author Tedlock, Barbara
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 368 pp.
Publisher Bantam Books 2006
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