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Buddha's Nature

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In this provocative and groundbreaking book, you'll discover that enlightenment comes not from "out there," but from a deep understanding of our own personal biology.

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Provides a practical program, complete with meditations and exercises, that enables readers to become mindful of the origins of emotions, desires and thoughts.

One of the great synthesizers of East and West, Nisker shows how to incorporate the traditional understanding of the Buddha with the latest scientific discoveries while on our spiritual journey.


"This book will be welcomed as one of the best efforts yet to bring together meditators and scientists. It is an instrument for our greater joy and achievements."       ~Thich Nhat Hanh


"As a spiritual biologist, the Buddha studied the human condition thoroughly. He gave a broad outline of his findings in the Four Noble Truths, the first of which announces that life is inherently unsatisfactory, a time of continual neediness and desire accompanied by some measure of pain, sadness, sickness, and inevitable old age and death. It's all part of the deal when you get a human body and nervous system - period. Critics cite the First Noble Truth as proof that the Buddha was negative about life, but he was simply making a scientific observation. This human condition may seem inhumane to us, but that only means that it doesn't meet our standards of fairness. We would like life to be different, and ironically, that desire itself can become a major source of our suffering.

All of this isn't to deny that there is joy, love, pleasure, and fun in a life, but the hard facts are much more certain. It simply is not easy having a body, fighting gravity from morning to night, being forever in need of food, warmth, and shelter, and driven by the urge to procreate. These are the biological conditions we are born into, and what the Buddha saw was that we need to come to a deep inner understanding and acceptance of them if we are ever to find any peace of mind or ease in life."

Author Nisker, Wes
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 242 pp.
Publisher Bantam Books 2000
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