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Dreamgates teaches unique ways to use our dreams as portals to the worlds beyond physical reality.

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Reaching these realms, which has been the goal of shamanic traditions throughout history, will enable you to recover knowledge that belonged to you before your arrival in this life - in a process called soul remembering.


"Moss, self-described shaman and dreaming yogi, spins some rather tall tales including a dream seminar weekend he conducts entirely in his double or energy body. His bibliography blatantly omits Castaneda's works, of which he seems heavily dependent."         ~Mandala Books

"Dreamers encounter spirit guides, experience physical and emotional healings, see and create their own futures and are given answers to specific questions. Likening these trips to flying, the author eschews the 'consensual hallucination' that the physical world is real and the dreamworld is not. Travel in 'dreambodies', he contends, is quite real and is an important part of everyone's total life experience, whether or not it is remembered in conscious states."       ~Publishers Weekly

Author Moss, Robert
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 347 pp.
Publisher Three Rivers Press 1998
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