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Calling, The

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A year in Catherine Whitney's life with the Sisters of St. Dominic of the Holy Cross.

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In a bluff north of Seattle, overlooking the glorious vista of Puget Sound and the white-capped Olympics, stands Rosary Heights, the motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Dominic of the Holy Cross. On a dark night in 1997, a catastrophic mudslide shifts the ground beneath the motherhouse and threatens to send it crashing into the water below. By this single act of nature, the sisters are forced to rethink their place in the world. With Rosary Heights as a backdrop, best-selling author Catherine Whitney takes a personal journey inside the order that ran the school she attended as a child, the order that, for a short time, she contemplated joining herself.

In this rare inside view of their lives of devotion, Whitney reveals how modern nuns are a study in contrast: worldly, yet removed; passionate, yet chaste; subservient, yet fiercely independent. She answers the questions that most fascinate the lay public: What would compel women today to join a religious order? How does faith unite so many women of wildly different backgrounds? What is their relationship - and struggle - with the male Church establishment? 

"The author remains conscious that the nuns, who appear very constrained by Catholic patriarchy, continue nonetheless to negotiate powerful spaces for themselves within the patriarchy. She is fascinated by their covert but palpable feminism. Whitney allows the nuns’ stories of their callings, convent lives, and occasional deconversions to intermingle in their diversity; she draws a portrait of complex, engaging, and committed women. Throughout, however, there’s the sense that in seeking out these contemporary nuns, Whitney was already nostalgic about them as a thing of the past; the average age in the order is 55, and there are hardly any new converts. So she writes wistfully, as if chronicling an endangered species."      ~Kirkus Reviews

"I learned the wonderful secret of the special calling that allows women to live in a state of anticipation, commitment and growth, even as their number shrink."

Author Whitney, Catherine
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 254 pp.
Publisher Three Rivers Press 2000
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