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New World, New Mind

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Human beings have always been the most adaptable creatures on the planet, and they should be able to chart a new course for themselves.

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Some of that charting is already being done. The old mind today is being challenged and changed by many scattered efforts. Can we bring these efforts together to produce a large-scale program for a rapid "change of mind"? We know what the problem is. The "solution" is not simple - to generate the social and political will to move a program of conscious evolution to the top of the human agenda.


"Visionary thinking and nuts-and-bolts research... A rare book that changes people's lives, rarer still, a book that changes the world."        ~San Francisco Chronicle

"According to Ehrlich and Ornstein, the 'new world' of short-term technological and environmental change requires a 'new mind' capable of perceiving long-term, slow-motion calamity; if we learn to think probabilistically, we can recognize misjudgment and cognitive bias.

A timely book that should inspire each of us to assess more accurately the not-so-benign implications of the technological mobilization of humanity and the earth."       ~Library Journal


"The potential role of conscious evolution in overriding the defaults of the mind needs to be understood by everyone as easily as they now understand ordinary speech... The time has come for society to make an organized effort to train all minds to filter in, not filter out, the imperceptible but dangerous trends that now characterize the human environment."

Author Ornstein, Robert
Coauthor Ehrlich, Paul
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 302 pp.
Publisher Simon & Schuster 1990
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