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Matter Myth, The

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Acclaimed science writers Paul Davies and John Gribbin provide a complete overview of advances in the study of physics that have revolutionized modern science.

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From the weird world of quarks and the theory of relativity to the latest ideas about the birth of the cosmos, the authors find evidence for a massive paradigm shift. Developments in the studies of black holes, cosmic strings, solitons, and chaos theory challenge commonsense concepts of space, time, and matter, and demand a radically altered and more fully unified view of the universe.

"Davies knows the arcana of physics the way a plumber knows wrenches, and he can make sense out of quite daunting ideas."      ~New York Times Book Review

"Eddington's implicit boast of being the only person other than Einstein able to understand the general theory of relativity did not mean, I believe, that he and Einstein alone could visualize the revolutionary new concepts such as curved spacetime. But he may well have been among the first physicists to appreciate that in this subject true understanding comes only by relinquishing the need to visualize."

Author Davies, Paul
Coauthor Gribbin, John
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 320 pp.
Publisher Simon & Schuster 1992
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