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Dreaming With the Wheel

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The more you can become conscious of and in your dreams, the more this part of you is available conscious work at all healing levels of your life.

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Dreaming with the Wheel can illuminate some of the power and beauty of this inward promenade.

The authors of The Medicine Wheel explore different views of dreamtime, both historic and contemporary, to provide an explanation of the dream-interpretation principles of the Native American medicine wheel - and a new framework for working with dreams.


Sun Bear (1929-92) was born on the White Earth Reservation in Minnesota and was founder and Medicine Chief of the Bear Tribe Medicine Society. The Bear Tribe is a group of people striving daily to relearn their proper relationship with the Earth Mother, the Great Spirit, and all of their relations in the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms.

Author Bear, Sun
Coauthor Wind, Wabun
Coauthor Shawnodese
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 320 pp.
Publisher Simon & Schuster 1994
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