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Dreaming True

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Through dreaming we can become active co-creators of our future, bringing positive energy and insight from a deeper reality into our physical world.

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One of the greatest dreamers of all time was Harriet Tubman, who personally escorted three hundred slaves to freedom along the Underground Railroad. On the eve of the American Civil War, Tubman was guided by specific dreams to safe houses, river crossings and friendly helpers she had never encountered previously.

As Moss explains, our own dreams run like an Underground Railroad through our lives, offering us paths to creativity, healing and mutual understanding. He shows us how to dream true the way Harriet Tubman dreamed true: how to dream the future, how to go back inside our dreams to clarify their messages and use the information to make wiser choices, and how to bring through life-helping guidance for others.

Dreaming True explores many levels of dreaming and how we can "dream with the body" in order to stay well. Moss offers simple and practical techniques for working with a dream journal to catch - and act on - messages about the distant future and tap into our creative source. He shows us how to dream our way toward a better job, a better relationship and creative fulfillment.


"In his earlier works, Conscious Dreaming and Dreamgates, Moss introduced readers to his unique perspective on dreams, whether they appear in deep REM sleep or the 'twilight zone' between sleep and wakefulness. Now Moss travels further down the path of remembering, interpreting and 'working with' dreams to guide the reader toward seeing possible futures in them and consciously choosing between outcomes."      ~Publishers Weekly

Author Moss, Robert
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 351 pp.
Publisher Pocket Books 2000
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