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Eagle's Quest, The

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An acclaimed physicist takes us on a fascinating journey as he examines shamanism in the light of modern science.

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Journeying through the shamanistic world, from the Himalayas to the jungles of Peru, Fred Alan Wolf encountered strange phenomena - natural healing, firewalking, shape-shifting, near-death and out-of-body experiences, visions of the past and future, time traveling, and lucid dreaming - that seemingly could not be reconciled with his training as a theoretical physicist.

Wolf shows how the concepts of the New Physics - the "observer effect," parallel universes, the uncertainty principle, and the "holographic universe" - can illuminate the mysteries of shamanism, and vice versa. A surprising exploration of the links between the natural and the supernatural, The Eagle's Quest is an inspiring intellectual and spiritual odyssey.


"Breaks down barriers between modern science and a mystical worldview."       ~Publishers Weekly

Author Wolf, Fred Alan
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 320 pp.
Publisher Simon & Schuster 1992
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