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Iron John

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While the men's movement was already well along at the time, Bly's controversial 1990 bestseller almost single-handedly brought that movement into the national spotlight.

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Often lost in discussion of the politics of this book - real or supposed - is the fact that it may represent Bly's high-water mark as a prose stylist. Bly sustains a complex, multi-faceted discussion of the Grimm Brothers' fairy tale Iron John for over 200 pages, examining the story and its implications from mythological, psychological and everyday perspectives. A tour de force.

Iron John is structured around an allegorical interpretation of a German fairy tale, "Iron Hans," in which a young prince is lured into the forest by a strange wild man, who, through a series of trials and lessons, initiates him into manhood. This story, Bly argues, represents much of what contemporary American men are missing: engaged, nurturing fathers, authoritative and responsible mentors, self-respect without shame, and, most of all, the ability to cultivate their inner resources—as Socrates said, to know themselves.

"Combining erudition with enthusiasm, Bly conducts a fascinating examination of myth, literature, psychology and anthropology. As thought-provoking an exploration of men and masculinity as any in recent years."       ~Newsday

"One day a [young man] is in college, being fed and housed—often on someone else's money—protected by brick walls men long dead have built, and the next day he is homeless, walking the streets… People know immediately when you are falling: doormen turn their backs, waiters sneer, no one holds the subway door for you… an old shame surfaces, one walks with head down and feels it's all inevitable."

Author Bly, Robert
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 288 pp.
Publisher Vintage Books 1992
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