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Dreaming Universe, The

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A ground-breaking, mind-bending excursion into the contemporary human psyche in ways so illuminating that even the universe itself is likely to be dazzled.

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By linking research ranging from the ancient Greek "dream temples" and modern experiments in telepathy, REM, and lucid dreaming to his own research on human consciousness, he theorizes that dreaming is the basis for consciousness, and that it is through dreaming that we are able to manifest a sense of ourselves.


"Reverting to ideas explored in Parallel Universes (1989), Wolf considers the 'essential mystery' at the heart of quantum mechanics, using a variety of coyly autobiographical anecdotes to suggest that the dreaming brain, by entering the unconscious mind, is experiencing synchronicity. It's this kind of sloppy mixture of anecdotal and scientific material that keeps New Age thought on the fringe.

It doesn't get any better when Wolf throws in superficial chapters on ancient views of dreams, the research of neurophysiologist Benjamin Libet, and Crick and Mitchison's theory that 'we dream in order to reduce faults by feeding in certain unlearning inputs that poisoned the unwanted modes'. In each, the analogies are all simplistic and reductive."          ~Kirkus Reviews

Author Wolf, Fred Alan
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 416 pp.
Publisher Simon & Schuster 1995
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