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Old Souls

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In a book that will fascinate skeptics and supporters alike, award-winning journalist Tom Shroder reveals one of the astonishing, untold stories of our time.

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It is the story of thousands of young children who speak of remembering previous lives. They provide detailed, accurate, and emotionally laden information about people who died before they were born, people they claim they once were. Dr. Ian Stevenson, the distinguished scholar who holds an endowed professorship at the University of Virginia, has been traveling the world for thirty-seven years to investigate and document more than two thousand of these phenomenal cases.

Despite voluminous and meticulously detailed scholarly reports, and the respect of an enthusiastic group of colleagues, Professor Stevenson's life's work has until now remained essentially unknown to the world at large.


"American psychiatrist Ian Stevenson has spent more than 30 years studying the cases of some 2000 children who spontaneously remember concrete details about dead strangers whose experiences can be documented. On his two final field trips, to Lebanon and India, he was accompanied by journalist Shroder, Sunday Style editor of the Washington Post.

Shroder's account of these expeditions emphasizes physical detail over in-depth analysis but nevertheless makes for engrossing reading. In many cases, the subjects exhibit birthmarks or extreme phobias corresponding to injuries or traumatic events in their 'past lives'. They recognize the deceased's relatives and friends; in one case, a Lebanese boy asked the deceased's mother if she had finished knitting the sweater she was making for him when he died.

That the compelling questions raised by such cases are ignored by the scientific establishment causes Stevenson great disappointment. 'For me', he claims, 'everything now believed by scientists is open to question, and I am always dismayed to find that many scientists accept current knowledge as forever fixed.' The journalistic objectivity Shroder brings to his material makes this an exceptionally valuable treatment of an often disparaged subject."          ~Publishers Weekly

Author Shroder, Tom
Coauthor Stevenson, Ian
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 253 pp.
Publisher Fireside Book 2001
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