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Above Top Secret

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The product of 20 years’ research, the best-selling Above Top Secret is widely regarded as a classic of its genre.

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Publisher's Synopsis
By exposing numerous hitherto classified government documents about UFOs – most of which are reproduced in the book – and citing statements by military chiefs all over the world, Timothy Good proves that there has been a cover-up, particularly in the United States.

Despite decades of denial and ridicule by the US government, documents from Air Force, Army and Naval intelligence branches, as well as the CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, FBI, NASA, National Security Agency and others, clearly reveal how seriously the subject is taken behind closed doors. Much information remains classified at an above Top Secret level.

In the UK, Good exposes top-secret research by a special branch of the Royal Air Force. Above Top Secret is crammed with factual testimony from reliable witnesses all over the world, whole chapters being devoted to countries such as China and Russia, reports of crashed UFOs recovered by the US military, and over 100 sightings reported by military and civilian pilots.

"One of the best-documented UFO books ever written."     ~Booklist

"[The] Bible for UFO watchers."      ~Wall Street Journal

"Good is a respected British broadcast journalist and UFO investigator. His main purpose in writing this book is to prove that many national governments continue to suppress information about UFOs that might prove disturbing to the public. Focusing on the post-World War II era, Good includes a large number of worldwide sightings, many of which will be new to American readers."       ~Library Journal

"I do not know how many trees were cut down to produce this 590-page diatribe, but I wish they had been left standing. Above Top Secret is an evil book [and] Mr Good’s ideas are those of a maniac."     ~The Spectator

Author Good, Timothy
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 592 pp.
Publisher William Morrow 1988
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