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Change: Eight Lectures on the I Ching

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This little volume consists of lectures given in Peking in the winter of 1943.

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The author of this remarkable book is the son of the late Richard Wilhelm, distinguished sinologue and friend of Jung, who translated the I Ching from Chinese to German (1924). Dr Helmut Wilhelm is now himself Professor in the University of Washington. The lectures are based on his father's work, and quotations of the I Ching are taken from it. Professor Wilhelm's studies amplify and extend this work.

The lectures were given originally in 1943 in Peking. At that time war and anxiety were rife in China, and the Japanese occupied Peking. The author was invited to speak to a small group of German-speaking Europeans who were entirely uninformed about the I Ching. He was particularly concerned to avoid encouraging the current tendency to find refuge in illusory-occultism. These circumstances moulded the form and content of the lectures. On the one hand they are a personal communication given with charm and clarity. On the other hand they pay an almost austere attention to fundamentals.

"Heraclitus, who held that life was movement and that it developed through the conflict of opposites, also conceived a harmonious world order, the Logos, that shapes this chaos. But to the Chinese, as we shall see, the two principles, movement and the unchanging law governing it, are one: they know neither kernel nor husk - heart and mind function together undivided."

Author Wilhelm, Hellmut
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 122 pp.
Publisher Princeton University Press 1990
Series Bollingen Series
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