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Born On a Rotten Day

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Professional astrologer Hazel Dixon-Cooper casts off sugar-coated astrology in favor of exploring the maladjusted side of the universe. If you want the inside scoop, the real deal, the lowdown on each Sun sign, then look no further.

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It's time to forget those traditional astrology books where Sagittarians are gregarious, Capricorns are ambitious and Pisceans are dreamers. Instead, enter a world where Archers are loud-mouthed bores, Goats are pompous social climbers, and Fish are chronically helpless.

Dixon-Cooper debunks the myths, reveals the flaws and examines the dubious virtues of each Sun sign. Discover how to use your own inner brat to outwit bullies, outmaneuver manipulators, and win those endless games that lovers play. Learn how to deal with those dysfunctional people you encounter every day, including how to: Contain a Ram's oversized ego; calm a raging Bull; keep a fickle Twin faithful.

Irreverent, biting and laugh-out-loud funny, Born on a Rotten Day exaggerates the bad, exorcises the good, and puts a new spin on the age-old question - what's your sign?


"Dixon-Cooper reveals what every astrologer knows but none has ever dared say."    ~Suzanne White, The New Astrology

Author Dixon-Cooper, Hazel
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 192 pp.
Publisher Fireside Book 2003
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