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Wholeness and the Implicate Order

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He saw the universe as an undivided wholeness enfolded into an infinite background source that unfolds into the visible, material and temporal world of our everyday lives.

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In his classic work, David Bohm develops a theory of quantum physics which treats the totality of existence, including matter and consciousness, as an unbroken whole. Our challenge is self-transformation, living in both the timeless and in time.

Written clearly, and without use of technical or scientific jargon, Wholeness and the Implicate Order is essential reading for those interested in physics, philosophy, psychology and the connection between consciousness and matter.


"Bohm suggests that the whole universe can be thought of as a kind of giant, flowing hologram, or holomovement, in which a total order is contained, in some implicit sense, in each region of space and time. The explicate order is a projection from higher dimensional levels of reality, and the apparent stability and solidity of the objects and entities composing it are generated and sustained by a ceaseless process of enfoldment and unfoldment, for subatomic particles are constantly dissolving into the implicate order and then recrystallizing.

The quantum potential postulated in the causal interpretation corresponds to the implicate order. But Bohm suggests that the quantum potential is itself organized and guided by a superquantum potential, representing a second implicate order, or superimplicate order. Indeed he proposes that there may be an infinite series, and perhaps hierarchies, of implicate (or 'generative') orders, some of which form relatively closed loops and some of which do not.

Higher implicate orders organize the lower ones, which in turn influence the higher. Bohm believes that life and consciousness are enfolded deep in the generative order and are therefore present in varying degrees of unfoldment in all matter, including supposedly 'inanimate' matter such as electrons or plasmas. He suggests that there is a 'protointelligence' in matter, so that new evolutionary developments do not emerge in a random fashion but creatively as relatively integrated wholes from implicate levels of reality.

The mystical connotations of Bohm's ideas are underlined by his remark that the implicate domain 'could equally well be called Idealism, Spirit, Consciousness. The separation of the two - matter and spirit - is an abstraction. The ground is always one.'

David Bohm was one of the most distinguished theoretical physicists of his generation, and a fearless challenger of scientific orthodoxy. His interests and influence extended far beyond physics and embraced biology, psychology, philosophy, religion, art, and the future of society."      ~David Pratt, Sunrise magazine

Author Bohm, David
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Publisher Ark Paperbacks 1994
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