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Awakening to the Sacred

Awakening to the Sacred

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Integrates essential Buddhist practices with a variety of other spiritual philosophies and wisdom traditions, to show you how to create a personalized spiritual practice.

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Through reflections on his own life quest, thoughtful essays, and entertaining stories, Surya Das examines the common themes at the heart of any spiritual path, including faith, doubt, love, compassion, creativity, self-inquiry, and transformation.

He then explores prayer, yoga, chanting, guided meditations, breathing exercises, and myriad other rituals, providing practical examples of each that we can use day-to-day to nurture our inner spirit.


"Surya Das, author of the best-selling Awakening the Buddha Within (1997), is an American lama initiated into Tibetan Buddhism and a 'Jewish American spiritual activist.' This union of Eastern and Western traditions is at the heart of his warm and practical teachings as he guides readers toward an understanding of what a spiritual practice consists of and how to establish one that meets their personal needs. Western seekers are attracted to meditation and yoga in part because they provide a holistic connection between body, mind, and spirit. Surya Das reminds readers, however, that spirituality does not reside in any one religion or technique and suggests that they look to their own pasts for 'spiritual tools' that will help them renew their awareness of the sacred.

That said, he strongly recommends meditation for everyone, clearly explains its benefits, and offers instructions for incorporating a simple and significant spiritual practice into even the most hectic of lives. He provides instructions for different types of guided meditation and describes various forms of 'natural meditations' in which heightened states of awareness are achieved through such humble activities as washing the dishes or taking a walk.

Such specifics are embedded in a narrative rich in philosophical observations, autobiographical anecdotes, and inspiring quotations from poets and sages, including Thich Nhat Hanh: It is not a matter of faith. It is a matter of practice."    ~Booklist

Author Surya Das, Lama (Jeffrey Miller)
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 382 pp.
Publisher Broadway Books 2000
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