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Direct Path, The

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Andrew Harvey maps out the consciousness needed to commune with God in private and to commit oneself publicly to political, social, sexual, and economic transformation.

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In this groundbreaking, eloquently written work, renowned religious scholar Andrew Harvey builds on his twenty-five-year study of the world's various mystical traditions, from Buddhism to the Kabbalah, to create an illuminating spiritual map that anyone can use to develop a direct path to the divine without relying on churches, gurus, or other intermediaries.

"The Direct Path embraces the truth in the world's mystical traditions while offering a very intimate direction to those on a spiritual path."     ~Caroline Myss, Anatomy of the Spirit

For Devotion: Keeping Christ or the Buddha on Your Shoulder

"This wonderful method was taught to me by the abbess of a contemplative order in Oxford. She was a vibrant, big-boned, red-faced woman straight out of Chaucer, and we were great friends; because she couldn't leave her cloister and needed to exercise every day, she had had to invent things 'to spicen life up a bit.'

'And this is what I came up with twenty years ago now,' she told me on a dreary winter afternoon. 'I've been using it ever since. When you start to walk, imagine Jesus or Mary (and I'll add here anyone you deeply love or believe in) standing on your right shoulder, radiating divine light and love to you, and wanting to come on a walk with you. As you walk, just imagine that you are walking with them, and concentrate in your heart on their living presence...' "

Author Harvey, Andrew
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 291 pp.
Publisher Broadway Books 2001
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