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Suzanne White's Original Chinese Astrology Book

Product no.: 0-8048-1645-X
At last, a complete guide to the Chinese horoscope written for Westerners. This ancient system of Oriental astrology is based on a cycle of twelve years, each a particular animal.

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White explains the history of the ancient art of Chinese fortune-telling, why the world is divided by animal signs, and where the stars and planets fit in. Discover how people of the various signs combine and relate to one another as friends, lovers, and colleagues.

Suzanne White tells which matches are truly harmonious - and which unions are a recipe for disaster. She also explains which celebrities were born under the various signs, and offers valuable advice for improving your own destiny.

Since 1976, an indispensable staple on every astrologer's bookshelf.

Author White, Suzanne
Book Type Mass Market Paperback
Page Count 259 pp.
Publisher Yenbooks 1990
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