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Time and Reality in the Thought of the Maya

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The ancient Maya were obsessed by the study of time; central in their evolving culture. Their sages framed its cycles with tireless exactitude.

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In this absorbing work León-Portilla probes the question, What did time really mean for the ancient Maya in terms of their mythology, religious thought, worldview, and everyday life? In his analysis of key Maya texts and computations, he reveals one of the most elaborate attempts of the human mind to penetrate the secrets of existence.


"Encompassing, as it does, the thoughts of all past and present Mayan discoveries relating to time and space, this volume is destined to become a classic; to be dissected, discussed and referred to for many katuns to come."    ~Times of the Americas


"Observing the Sun was also important to the Maya. They would follow its path around the ecliptic and knew when it would rise due East and set due West. This is evident when one views Chichen Itza during sunset on the day of the equinoxes. During the sunset at these times, a giant sun serpent rises up the side of the stairway called El Castillo."

Author Leon-Portilla, Miguel
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 256 pp.
Publisher University of Oklahoma Press 1988
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