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Complete Incense Book, The (O)

Product no.: 0-8069-9987-X
Discover the healing properties of incense. Unlock the secrets of this ancient form of "aromatherapy" and experience its many benefits.

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Discover which is the right incense to achieve your goal, whether it's cleansing the atmosphere, fostering relaxation, energizing your system, relieving insomnia, or improving your sex life. Comes with specific herbal formulas, and instructions for preparing the incense-burning vessel, ceremonies, and games.


"What is essential is never lost; it lies dormant, only to reappear when the time is right... I finally realized that the time was right for this ancient wisdom, with its power and healing ability, to surface again."

Author Fischer-Rizzi, Susanne
Book Type Oversized Paperback
Page Count 223 pp.
Publisher Sterling Publishing Co. 1998
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