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Gospel in the Stars, The

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This fully-illustrated volume will captivate the interest of those pursuing a study of astronomy and of Bible students seeking reinforcing truths concerning the unity of creation and revelation.

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An excellent book! Seiss' book represents one of the earliest and most ambitious attempts to connect the recognized constellations with the Gospel message.

Drawing on Rolleston's Mazzaroth, Seiss uses the names of the stars in the constellations to show the original meaning behind them, pre-dating the mythological corruptions from the Greek and Roman eras. Diagrams for each of the constellations indicating the names of their major stars are included.

One of the classic reference works on the subject. New softcover, Kregel reprint of the 1882 edition.

"A more valuable aid to the study of the subject as treated in this volume is Frances Rolleston’s Mazzaroth; or, The Constellations—a book from an authoress of great linguistic and general literary attainments, whom Providence rarely favored for the collection of important facts and materials, particularly as respects the ancient stellar nomenclature.

The tables drawn up by Ulugh Beigh, the Tartar prince and astronomer, about A.D. 1420, giving Arabian astronomy as it had come down to his time, with the ancient Coptic and Egyptian names, likewise the much earlier presentations, made about A.D. 850 by Albumazer, the great Arab astronomer of the Caliphs of Grenada, and Aben Ezra’s commentaries on the same, are, to a considerable extent, reproduced in her book.

Facsimiles of the Dendera and Esne Zodiacs are also given in the last edition (1875) of her work. And from her tables and references the writer of these Lectures was helped to some of his best information, without which this book could hardly have become what it is."

Author Seiss, Joseph A.
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 188 pp.
Publisher Kregel Publications 1986
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