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Covenant of the Heart

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First rate exposition of esoteric Christianity from a former Russian Anthroposophist, whose path made a full circle back to Catholicism, incorporating into his faith a wealth of pragmatic Eastern wisdom.

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Drawing on the ancient and often forgotten sources of esoteric Christianity, the author reflects on the mysteries of humanity's covenant with God in history. Part one describes an encounter with the Father through the miracles of the Creation, the Fall, and, through Moses' acceptance of the Covenant of the Old Testament, the Ten Commandments.

Part two is a meditation on the seven miracles of Christ in the Gospel of St. John. It culminates in the raising of Lazarus; the miracle of being raised from forgetfulness; sleep and death to remembrance, wakefulness, and resurrection. In this way, Lazarus becomes a paradigm for understanding the spiritual and cultural history of humanity.

Part three considers the encounter with the Holy Spirit and living out Christ's life through the Church. We are asked to reflect on the three Kingdoms of God, humankind, and nature, which give natural order and meaning to the Christian life. The union of love and prayer in the Spirit is the focus of an epilogue, in which we are invited to see our natural breathing as breathing the breath of God.

Reissued in 2006 by Lindisfarne Books as Lazarus, Come Forth!


"The motivation of his conversion was not personal; it was rooted rather in conscience and love of Christ. Many of his early friends have asked whether so great a mind hadn't surrendered his freedom by ranking himself among the members of the church. His own experience lent no support to their fears. His idea of spiritual freedom was opening oneself to objective truth and goodness unclouded by subjective likes or dislikes and receiving them with one's eternal being. He was in that sense able to preserve his freedom and identity as a Catholic.

The essential point, which yielded to his matchless insight, is the message that the church brings to the whole world and serves - that it transmits the mysteries of tradition from generation to generation, administers sacraments, celebrates the feasts of the liturgical year, teaching, blessing, and extending itself humbly to humanity throughout the world. Cultured and simple unite there in homage to the Holy Trinity, in reverence toward the saints, and in singing our Christmas carols, which Tomberg loved so much."        ~Martin Kriele


Born in 1900 in Russia, Valentin Tomberg was for many years an enthusiastic student of Anthroposophy, the science of the spirit founded by Rudolf Steiner. In 1945, however, he converted to Roman Catholicism and completely turned his back on the former phase of his life. By the time of his death in 1973 he had written two major works, Meditations on the Tarot and Covenant of the Heart, in which he presents much esoteric knowledge, but now under the spiritual authority of the Catholic Church.

Author Tomberg, Valentin
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 256 pp.
Publisher Element Books 1992
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