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Dweller on Two Planets, A (or The Dividing of the Way)

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Whether occult fiction or true automatic writing, Dweller is a fascinating and exciting book, perhaps the most interesting treatise available on Atlantis, reincarnation and karma.

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In describing his writing, Oliver claimed that he had been chosen as amanuensis, or secretary, to the Lemurian spirit Phylos, and that the book had been dictated to him through automatic writing.

Oliver claimed that Phylos, who lived several previous incarnations on Atlantis, took him to mysterious temples and eleborate dwelling places of a mystic brotherhood within Mt. Shasta. He finished the manuscript in 1895 and the book became one of the first American occult classics.


"A Dweller on Two Planets is one of the most important texts of the 19th Century Atlantis canon. The book was 'channeled' by Frederick S. Oliver. Oliver was born in Washington D.C. in 1866 and came to Yreka, California, with his parents when he was two years old. Yreka is just north of Mount Shasta, a huge dormant volcanic peak in Northern California.

Oliver started to write this book at the age of eighteen, in 1883-4, while surveying the boundaries of his family's mining claim. He found himself writing uncontrollably in his notebook. He ran home in terror, where he sat down and let his hand write. These automatic writing spells continued for several years; he would write a few pages at a time. He completed writing this book in 1886, and died at the age of 33 in 1899."      ~John B. Hare


"Now the state after the grave, and his or her knowledge, aspirations and trusts of life is the condition of harvest, where no one acts, but where the rewards of action in the preceding life are paid; it is the land of Lethe, where is no pain, sorrow, sickness or agony, for these earthly conditions begun on earth, and they perforce must be finished on earth. So karma decrees. Heaven is passive, not active, and results of knowledge are there assimilated by the soul; that is, made so that the new birth is like the succeeding page of a business ledger - all of the old lives, with the last added in.

I hope I have not been prolix. I have not, if I have given a clear comprehension of what the relation really is between earth and heaven, and that the latter is to the former as the resting time of night is to the activity of the day. Let none suppose that the devachan of one that hath committed earth-binding errors, and must by these bonds again reincarnate, is anything like the great Life wherewith are crowned those who are faithful unto the death of that serpent in the heart, animal lusts. The words can well portray mere devachan, they are powerless to depict that Life. Finite can never compass Infinite. Then let the Infinite into thy hearts."  

Author Phylos the Tibetan
Coauthor Oliver, Frederick
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 423 pp.
Publisher Garber Communications 1991
Gold Medal

Gold Medal


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