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Early Christianity held secrets equal to those of other great religions, says Annie Besant. Its first followers guarded them as priceless treasures.

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After an increasingly rigid hierarchy began to bury these truths in the early centuries A.D., they were known only to a few initiates, who communicated them privately, often in obscure language. In Esoteric Christianity, Besant's aim is to restore the secret truths underlying Christian doctrine.

First published in 1901, Besant offers the esoteric perspective behind the fundamental Christian principles we have all come to know, which include: the historical and mythic Christ, the Atonement, the Resurrection and Ascension, the Trinity, Prayer, Forgiveness of Sins, the Sacraments, and Revelation.


"The republication, more than a hundred years after its initial appearance, of Annie Besant's classic work, Esoteric Christianity, will be welcomed by all those who have been affected by the current revival of Gnostic and esoteric spirituality in contemporary Western culture."        ~Stephan A. Hoeller


"To that manifested Presence the name of 'the Christ' may rightly be given, and it was He who lived and moved in the form of the man Jesus over the hills and plains of Palestine, teaching, healing diseases, and gathering round Him as disciples a few of the more advanced souls. The rare charm of His royal love, outpouring from Him as rays from a sun, drew round Him the suffering, the weary, and the oppressed, and the subtly tender magic of His gentle wisdom purified, ennobled, and sweetened the lives that came into contact with His own.

By parable and luminous imagery He taught the uninstructed crowds who pressed around Him, and, using the powers of the free Spirit, He healed many a disease by word or touch, reinforcing the magnetic energies belonging to His pure body with the compelling force of His inner life.

Rejected by His Essene brethren among whom He first laboured — whose arguments against His purposed life of loving labour are summarized in the story of the temptation — because he carried to the people the spiritual wisdom that they regarded as their proudest and most secret treasure, and because His all-embracing love drew within its circle the outcast and the degraded — ever loving in the lowest as in the highest, the Divine Self — He saw gathering round Him all too quickly the dark clouds of hatred and suspicion.

The teachers and rulers of His nation soon came to eye Him with jealousy and anger; His spirituality was a constant reproach to their materialism, His power a constant, though silent, exposure of their weakness. Three years had scarcely passed since His baptism when the gathering storm outbroke, and the human body of Jesus paid the penalty for enshrining the glorious Presence of a Teacher more than man."           ~THE HISTORICAL CHRIST OR JESUS THE HEALER AND TEACHER

Annie Besant (1847-1933) led the fight for the rights of women and laborers in her native England; later she worked with Mahatma Gandhi and spearheaded India's struggle for freedom. Theosophist Joy Mills describes her as "a feminist before the movement for women's rights was fully launched; she stood for freedom when half the world was held in the bonds of colonialism." A student of India's spiritual traditions, Annie Besant was famed as an orator, author, and international President of the Theosophical Society.

Editor Smoley, Richard
Author Besant, Annie
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 277 pp.
Publisher Theosophical Publishing House 1987
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