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Over 100 illustrations, many reproductions of historic book plates, diagrams and charts, bring the theories of Kabbalah vividly to life.

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Students of Kabbalism and anyone interested in esoteric thought will find Kabbalah an essential handbook on the background, doctrines, and applications of this rich and important mystical system.


"Drawing on both traditional and interpretive texts, Ponce offers an unusually clear and inspiring explication of this complicated method of achieving illumination, linking it with the similarities found in Yoga, Buddhism, Gnosticism."        ~Library Journal


“Christian Kabbalism embellishes Kabbalistic doctrine with Christian dogmas such as the concept of Christ and the Trinity...

“During the eighteenth century the Jews of Western Europe began to put aside their mysticism. It was fortunately kept alive for them by Christian mystics who, as early as the thirteenth century, had become attracted to its teachings.”

Author Ponce, Charles
Book Type Trade Paperback
Page Count 297 pp.
Publisher Quest Books 1991
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